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If you are looking to liquidate your company’s used computer & IT equipment?

We are here for you!



  IT Networking Supply offer complete business network liquidation services to Houston businesses, university school system, corporations, and office firms who would benefit by selling their used Cisco, networking and computer equipment. If you are in this surrounding area, such as Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Galveston, or nearby location, we can assist you in selling your used Cisco and other network equipment.


We'll buy your pre-owned or new Cisco switches and routers and pay you cash immediately. We offer fair market pricing for your Cisco equipment.

We'll Give You $$$ For
Used Network Switches




As one of the Nation’s leading IT Networking Asset Recovery and Technology liquidation surplus companies, we provide fast courteous service with 7+ years of buying and selling used Cisco and we have Friendly Knowledge product experts on spot.

We offer business technology liquidation services,
disposition / for used computer & network hardware equipment.





  We are a Houston computer liquidator who will price your surplus equipment fairly and remove it quickly! IT Networking Supply Liquidation Assets will value your surplus, excess or used equipment and make an offer. Our Houston liquidation services include removing and re-marketing your used network, computer, and phone equipment. We will exceed your expectations for safe, speedy removal and a fair return on your assets!


Used Cisco routers and network equipment loose their value quickly; you should consider liquidation as soon as you become aware of unused equipment in your facility.

Do your liquidation services include wiping data and removing asset tags? IT Networking Supply will wipe or remove data from all hard drives and remove configurations from all used Cisco routers and switches.

Sell your Cisco network equipment and computers with confidence that it will be remarketed clear and free of any personal data or identifying asset tags.




Disposal of non-marketable network assets: What gives us strength and credibility as a leading technology liquidation provider is our relationships with recycling disposition partners nationwide. Our eWaste partnerships help us help you safely and environmentally dispose of surplus network equipment in accordance with all EPA guidelines and United States federal, state and local laws. Please note we are able to provide Certificate of Destruction for certain serialized assets.  


What else does IT Networking Supply buy? All types of hi-tech equipment including phones, firewalls, monitors, servers, routers, switches, toner, cartridge... and the list is endless. Our expert liquidation specialists can work with nearly any surplus computer, network, or phone equipment that you might use in your firm.


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